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Chris McAsey / Grinder Chris McAsey / Grinder
New Zealand

Married. Two daughters
Chris was a top-level rower until seduced by sailing while watching New Zealand win the America’s Cup in 1995. In the build-up to the 2003 Team New Zealand challenge he got his chance when he was hired as grinder. He sailed with Emirates Team New Zealand’s 2007 challenge in Valencia and was back for the Louis Vuitton Trophy regattas. Chris is now deeply into the team’s multihull programme and the big grinders from the monohull era will come into their own when the AC72 start sailing. (more…)

Who we are

Dean Barker_Skipper Dean Barker / Skipper
New Zealand

Wife Mandy, four children aged six – one year.
Dean Barker launched himself into multihull sailing in 2011 to take Emirates Team New Zealand into the new America’s Cup era. He starts 2012 with the team at the top of the ACWS leader board after three regattas and can look back on successes in the Extreme Sailing Series and a productive time in the team’s SL33 training and testing catamarans. In his last year racing monohulls -2010 – Barker and the sailing crew won the three Louis Vuitton Trophy (Auckland in February, La Maddalena in May and Dubai in November).

He also won the 2010 Audi MedCup circuit championship for the second successive year. Dean first sailed with Team New Zealand in 1995 but he opted for an Olympic campaign rather than travel to San Diego. He was back with the team for the successful defence in 2000 and stayed with the team for 2003. As skipper for the 2007 challenge, he led the sailing team through the pre-regattas of 2005 and 2006, the victory in the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2007 which earned the team the right to face off against Alinghi for the America’s Cup, a match that has been hailed as the most thrilling for years. (more…)

Turning Point

Turning Point A new take on life
Starting from a simple point of view: rediscovering our inner selves. Even in the city.

The story of Rös. Urban Biker and city Tigress, who sets out on to conquer Milan every day on her bike. And rain, wind or snow just add to the fun. Because she loves all the urban challenges of pedalling. Including tram lines (which can always be “jumped” with a magical twist) Rös does not like to play with words when she talks about her experience. She prefers to get to the point and get on her bike, so we shall tell it for her. (more…)

Todd’s dolphins

Todd’s dolphins Those used to challenging the sea know they must fear and respect it, they know that at difficult moments they will have to fend for themselves. At times help comes from the sea itself, in this exceptional case, in the shape of a dolphin.

Todd Endriss will always remember that – precisely thanks to dolphins – he managed to survive a terrifying close encounter with a white shark in the waters of Monterey Bay, one of the locations best loved by Californian surfers.

It is 10.45, the sun is shining and the waves are calling, but a moment is all it takes to turn the perfect day into tragedy. Todd falls into the water and every surfer’s nightmare comes true when he is attacked by a white shark, almost five metres long. Its teeth are a red hot blade that slashes his flesh just a few centimetres from his lungs, barely missing his spine. (more…)

The team life

The team life

Emirates Team New Zealand sailors congratulate each other after beating Team Korea to win the match racing stage of the America’s Cup World Series in Plymouth. 17/9/2011

Dedication and a spirit of selflessness characterize the life of the champions on and off the sailing course. As official chef of the Emirates Team New Zealand, it’s Harry Lynskey’s mission to ensure that everyone’s nutritional needs are met. Some sailing team members eat five or six meals a day.

Between meals, they consume great quantities of supplements and powerbars as well as the snacks Harry conjures up in the kitchen. The day starts with breakfast – with foods familiar to any family breakfast table – muesli with yoghurt and fruit, bacon and eggs, potatoes, baked beans and toast. (more…)

The sole America’s Cup World Series event of 2013 began today in Naples

The sole America’s Cup World Series event of 2013 began today in Naples Playing no part in the initial rounds of the match racing Dean Barker and his crew hit the start line of the first fleet race with pace and rounded the first mark just metres astern of the Oracle AC45. Their lead was short lived as Emirates Team New Zealand were right there to pounce on an unforced error by the Oracle crew on the fourth leg, who sailed outside the race course boundary and received a penalty.

Barker said, “We thought we were close enough to have a crack at Oracle as we have a good jump on the third placed boat so we gave it a nudge, but in the end they blew it by going over the boundary in the gybe , so it was nice to be on the right side of that one.” (more…)

The sea in winter

The sea in winter The sea in winter sounds like an oxymoron, inaccessible colours and unexpected sensations, able to reawaken an drive for discovery and a desire to dominate the elements.
Anyone who has sailed the grey sea with sails unfurled, the wind cutting your face and the sea spitting against you with all its might, well knows the many emotions reserved by this apparent oxymoron.
The sea in winter belongs to the heroes, the crazed and the dreamers. Sturm und drang, storm and stress, as the Romantics used to say and nothing is more intense or troubling than the spray standing out against a grey sky heavy with rain.
So fascinated was Pablo Neruda that he dedicated it one of his most beautiful poems.

Like the sea in winter,
may you always have a tailwind
and may the sun always shine on your face
and may the wind of destiny take you up on high, to dance with the stars.

The new face of the Tigers

The new face of the Tigers This is our second date with the Tigers of Lowell North, the same Tigers that started off our new communication campaign last September. The faces of the protagonists have changed, the stories that each Tiger tells have changed, but the basics remain the same.

The Legend of Lowell North is no myth but the true birth of a brand. The faces of this campaign do not belong to models but to real people, photographed during a street casting in France, Italy and England. They are authentic faces, the faces of men who are as daring and proud as tigers. (more…)

The countdown to the Louis Vuitton Cup has begun

The countdown to the Louis Vuitton Cup has begun The San Francisco Summer of Racing is at the starting line. The opening ceremony will be held on 4th July, on the 5th a fleet race will involve all the teams, and finally, on 7th July, the regattas for the Louis Vuitton Cup will begin. The first match race will see Emirates Team New Zealand sailing against Luna Rossa Challenge, and later, Artemis Racing will take to the waters once more, following a break from participation in the Louis Vuitton Cup. The Swedish team is now working on a second AC72, which will only launch into San Francisco Bay following a series of tests.

The Louis Vuitton Cup promises great challenges on board the AC72s, the brand new catamarans that, with their rigid wings and mobile appendages, will sail at over 40 knots. The Louis Vuitton Cup Round Robin will enable each team to compete in a match race against all the other teams. (more…)

The 34th America’s Cup

The 34th America's Cup

Starting clean in the second fleet race of day four of the America’s Cup World Series in Cascais, Portugal. 11/8/2011

1851, The Solent, 100-Guinea Cup.
A US schooner named America snatched victory from the British fleet. The America’s Cup, the toughest sports trophy to win, was founded in honour of that schooner.

With over 160 years behind it, the America’s Cup is also the oldest international sports trophy. It is a race between two boats, one representing the Yacht Club holding the cup, and the other the challenger. The best yachtsmen, the fastest boats, the latest technologies in sailing and sportswear race each other between buoys in an all-out effort to win the trophy. (more…)